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Your resource for kitchen and interior design ideas that are functional, affordable and of course, extremely sexy!

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Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design

Are you desperate for some design inspiration this year? Why not save your money and improve what you already have? Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is the easiest way to brighten up a tired space quickly and affordably!

Kitchen Flooring

Start your next kitchen remodel from the ground up, Start by Installing brand new kitchen flooring! Learn about using Laminate, hardwood, natural stone & marble flooring.

Kitchen Countertops

Installing new kitchen countertops is the fastest way to make your space shine! Learn about laminate, engineered stone, granite, marble, concrete and hardwood kitchen countertops.

Interior Design

Learn about using interior design ideas elsewhere in your home to compliment your kitchen design plans. Learn about bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and all things interior

Latest Articles

Bathroom Sink Styles

Modern Double Bathroom Sink
Choosing the right bathroom sink is one of the prime elements in creating a beautiful bathroom space. Whether you are designing your dream bathroom or doing a […]

Kitchen Layouts & Designs

Every modern  kitchen is designed through the use of a standard kitchen layout. These kitchen layouts have been around for decades and were at some point designed to fit particular […]

Introduction to Kitchen Countertops

Grey Granite Kitchen Countertop
Choices abound for consumers  in today’s kitchen countertop market, Do you want Granite countertops versus Laminate? Engineered Stone versus Solid Surface? Stainless Steel versus Butchers Block?  There […]

Bathtub Styles & Materials

Modern  Bathtub Design
No bathroom remodel is complete without a gorgeous new bath tub. If you have the opportunity to design or redesign your bathroom you will also have to put much […]

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen cabinetry is definitely the primary design element in any kitchen remodel. If you have not tackled a kitchen renovation or redesign before, be sure to account for […]

Bathroom Faucet Designs

Sexy Bathroom Faucet Design
Of course an easy bathroom design idea to achieve the expression of luxury in your bathroom is to choose an incredible and unique bathroom faucet. Not all faucets […]

Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

There are plenty of bathroom vanity varieties available to  Today’s home owners have a variety of bathroom vanity designs at their disposal. In order to accommodate the many demands of […]

Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops

Solid Surface kitchen countertops are a great option for anyone looking for a high traffic material that can stand up to stains, heat and chemicals, while remaining easy to care […]

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