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Home Bar Essentials

High End Home Bar

Home bars are becoming ever more popular these days as economic times are keeping people at home but definitely not keeping them from entertaining. Having a home bar will save you money and add plenty of luster to your home, never mind how popular you’ll be with your friends. Growing up, I would always marvel […]

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Classic Martini and Cocktail Recipes

Classic Martinis

Here are some classic martini and cocktail recipe ingredients for making all kinds of great and classic martini’s. We have listed a few essential martinis to have on hand at any party. Find your own, experiment a little and above all have a good time. Classic Gin Martini The original dry martini! 2oz Dry Gin […]

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Martini & Cocktail Basics

Understanding basic bartending skills and learning the basics of Martini’s and cocktail mixology will go a long way in making your entertaining adventures more successful. If you have not yet read about our home bar essentials, we suggest you do so first to get a grasp of the tools you’ll need to mix and make […]

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Cappuccino and Espresso Coffee Recipes


The Cappuccino is the Grand daddy of all coffee drink’s and it’s primary ingredient, espresso, is the basis of all great coffee drinks available today at most coffee shops. You can have a Latte, Espresso, Macchiato, Americano, half cap, half mocha cap whip, Mocha or any combination imaginable, but every great coffee drink is based […]

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Introduction to Wine

Wine Bottles

A truly sexy kitchen is certainly not complete unless a certain magnificent liquid resides there either in storage or in hand! This sexy substance is of course the glorious fermented grape juice better known as wine. Whether you are serving it to your guests while entertaining, using it to create luscious dishes, or simply enjoying […]

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A Complete Guide to Beer

A Guide to Beer

Who doesn’t love an ice cold beer on a sunny day or after a hard days work? Many of us do cherish those moments, but what is it that makes beer so great? Well, we could spend years talking about the virtues of beer and trying to categorize them all, but instead, we’ve decided to […]

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