Bathroom Sink Styles

Modern Double Bathroom Sink

Modern Double Bathroom Sink

Choosing the right bathroom sink is one of the prime elements in creating a beautiful bathroom space. Whether you are designing your dream bathroom or doing a simple bathroom renovation you must give a lot of thought to your ideal bathroom sink selection for they can truly be a unique piece of bathroom furniture. From the obviously practical to the seemingly unpredictable, the demand for superior Interior Design has been a superb catalyst for leading bathroom sink manufacturers and designers to create artistically unique and functional basins to make your bathroom a work of art.

The most important thing to remember when selecting your perfect bathroom sink is that you must consider your plumbing requirements first. Not all bathroom sinks will work with all faucet styles so it is important to make sure that your plumbing fixtures will work with your sink of choice. Confirm your selection with a professional before you purchase!

Bathroom sink considerations

When planning your bathroom sink purchase, an extremely important consideration is…How will your bathroom space be used?

Will it simply be a powder room for guests? If this is the case then anything goes! Consider installing an unusual vessel sink, or a concrete integrated sink piece to wow your guests. The purpose for this room is simply for use and hand washing so less thought needs to be delegated to functionality and more can be delegated to beauty and splendor!

Will it be a full bathroom or en suite? In this case the functionality of the bathroom sink becomes a major player. Here you will want to discuss the amount of storage you will need for your vanity first before choosing a sink. If you have the space you also want to consider the possibility of installing two sinks or a dual sink vanity for optimal personal space in the en suite

These questions will help narrow down your search for the perfect sexy bathroom sink!

Bathroom Sink Designs

Vessel Sinks

Vessel Bathroom Faucet

Vessel Bathroom Faucet

Vessel sinks are an extremely popular choice for bathroom designs today, however do make sure they are the most practical solution for your bathroom! A vessel sink is simply a single bowl that is placed on top of a cabinet or countertop surface. These sinks are beautiful and can be made from many materials such as glass, brass, copper and even wood! A vessel sink can really be made out of anything resembling a bowl in shape which is why they are mostly found in powder rooms rather than master suites. Although most vessel sinks are introduced into a bathroom remodel for their unique style, some can be very functional and can work well as a master bathroom sink as well.



Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

Pedestal bathroom sinks can be a beautifully stylish addition to a powder room or bathroom. Pedestal sinks come in two pieces, the basin and the pedestal. The sink basin rests on the pedestal for support and is also attached to the wall for additional support.

Pros- Pedestal bathroom sinks hide all of the plumbing resulting in a very clean and sophisticated style. Excellent candidates for small powder rooms.

Cons- Pedestal sinks do not need a vanity and therefore do not provide storage. They also do not have a counter so they are not ideal for a full bathroom or en suite


Self-Rimming Bathroom Sinks

Self Rimming Bathroom Sink

Modern Double Bathroom Sink

These sinks are probably the most widely used sink. These are over-counter mounted sinks where the sink is mounted through the top of the vanity and drops below. Depending on the material and style they are generally less expensive.

Pros- Self-rimming sinks require a vanity so they are great for storage. The plumbing is also contained inside the vanity so the plumbing is not exposed. They can be very inexpensive and relatively easy to install.

Cons- Self-rimming bathroom sinks expose the outside rim of the sink on the vanity and in most cases need to be sealed. Cleaning is slightly more difficult and most styles are very out-dated!



Under Mount Sinks

This style of sink has made huge progress in kitchen design so it is no surprise that this style is now very popular as well in the bathroom. These sinks are installed within a vanity where they are sealed underneath the countertop and therefore does not reveal the rim of the sink.

Pros- Under Mount bathroom sinks result in a very sleek and clean look. They are very easy to clean and since they require a vanity for installation they are a good solution for bathrooms that need storage capabilities and hide plumbing as well.

Cons- Under mount sinks are a bit trickier to install and are generally more expensive.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

Obviously these sinks are not rested in or on top a vanity and are instead mounted to the wall. The sink alone can be mounted to the wall however there are also vanities which can also be mounted to the wall as well.

Pros- They result in a gorgeous and more unusual feature in a bathroom and they can take up very little space.

Cons- If your wall-mounted sink does not have a vanity then your plumbing will be visible. In certain cases these sinks are provided with covers that seclude the plumbing. The installation is much more difficult and can result in a higher price.




Integrated Bathroom Sinks

Integrated Bathroom Sink

Integrated Bathroom Sink

These sinks are in my mind some of the sexiest sinks going. Integrated simply means that the sink and counter are one piece. The material has been essentially sculpted so that the countertop and sink bowl become one seamless piece. These sinks are generally made from solid-surface but can also be designed in Concrete!

Pros- Integrated Bathroom Sinks are the most durable and functional sink going. No seam makes for the easiest cleaning. They mostly require bathroom vanities and are therefore great for storage.

Cons- Integrated Sinks are definitely more expensive but worth it!



Bathroom Sink Materials & Construction

The next step in choosing a perfect bathroom sink is finding the right basin material for your needs!

Vitreous China Bathroom Sinks/ Fireclay Bathroom Sinks

Ceramic Bathroom Sink

Ceramic Bathroom Sink

China is one of the most traditional sink materials made from a clay base which is then fired at an intense heat resulting in a remarkably hard and non-porous surface. They are resistant to acids and heat and can handle abrasive cleaning. They can be made in virtually any color and are generally very heavy. This Sink material can be molded in to a variety of shapes and styles and usually results in heavy price tag however it also gives the gift of a very long life.




Enamel Bathroom Sinks / Porcelain Bathroom Sinks

Enameled sinks are made from a metal cast where an enamel or porcelain coating is applied and fired at intense heat. These sinks are also very strong and have a non-porous surface and also come in various shapes, sizes and colors.Cons- These sinks can stain and will chip if heavy objects are dropped onto its surface.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Sinks

Common in the kitchen, stainless steel sinks can also be used in the bathroom although it is more uncommon. Stainless Steel bathroom sinks can be found as self-rimming and under-counter sinks and are also available in different finishes. They are easy to clean and easy to install and are generally quite affordable.

Cons- Stainless steel bathroom sinks can scratch and dent.

Solid Surface Bathroom Sinks / Acrylic Bathroom Sinks

Engineered Stone Sink

Engineered Stone Sink

Another popular choice in kitchens today, this product is very versatile and comes in many styles and colors. They are lighter weight and resist stain and are an ideal choice for bathrooms as many are built with germ-fighting properties! This product is highly valued for their design as this material can also create integrated sink design. This seamless product as discussed above is incredibly durable and very easy to clean.

Cons- Acrylic bathroom sinks should not be cleaned abrasively as the finish will be damaged. They are also not heat resistant.




Metallic Bathroom Sinks

Brass and Copper metals can also be made into gorgeous bathroom sinks today. They are not as durable as other materials however they certainly shine. They are non-porous and will not stain but they do oxidize with time and therefore change in color.

Cons- Brass and Copper are softer metals and will scratch, scuff and dent fairly easily. Consider who is using the bathroom before installing!

Natural stone Bathroom Sinks

Engineered stone and quartz composite, marble, granite, travertine, and onyx are the ultimate in luxury bathroom sink materials. They are stunning and incredibly strong and can be made into vessel, self-rimming and under-counter mounted sinks! Of course many companies today offer custom natural stone sink design so contact one of these companies for a very special addition to your home! Be prepared for the cost!

Concrete Bathroom Sinks

Formed Concrete Bathroom Sink

Formed Concrete Bathroom Sink

Another ultimate luxury material for the bathroom sink is integrated concrete sinks. If price is of no concern why not look into a custom concrete counter and sink design. You can achieve a very rustic style or an incredibly modern one with this amazing technique. Put your imagination to work with concrete as concrete designers can do almost anything!

Cons- A traditional concrete sink is susceptible to staining and the color can be affected. Some may find this to be problem however many appreciate the patina variation in concrete.

Pros- There have been advances made in the concrete industry to prevent staining allowing home owners to avoid patina variation. A leader in concrete design is who specialize in concrete sinks and nucrete. They are truly amazing, its worth looking into!


Natural Wood Bathroom Sinks

Natural Wood Bathroom Sink

Natural Wood Bathroom Sink

A natural wood bathroom sink would certainly be the sexiest focal point in a bathroom. Talk about wow factor! Obviously you would think that wood is not an ideal option however believe it or not it is! There are a few artists today hand-crafting stunning natural hardwood bowls which are kiln dried to minimize the moisture content. These artisans can also create square and rectangle shaped basins out of materials such as oak and teak. They are sealed entirely from water by applying several coats of natural varnish to sustain a long healthy life! What an incredibly unique work of art for your powder room! Check out for more details in obtaining one of these marvelous wooden bathroom vessels.

theSexykitchen Opinion

Take a good look at your budget when planning a renovation and make sure to consider all of your options. “How will this space be used?” “Will it only be a powder room for guests?” “Will it be a full bathroom, guest bathroom or en suite?” Look into trying something different and create an incredible space that you can be proud of. Sometimes it does not take much else than a stunning sink to turn your bathroom into a sexy bathroom!