Light Vanity with Shower

Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Light Vanity with ShowerThere are plenty of bathroom vanity varieties available to  Today’s home owners have a variety of bathroom vanity designs at their disposal. In order to accommodate the many demands of consumers, vanity designers are incorporating unique techniques and styles into their designs.   As with every other design decision when undertaking a renovation or remodel, it is important to first determine what your space needs are when choosing a vanity.

Do you require a lot of storage?  Are you looking to create a minimalist space? Have you already chosen a sink and or faucet?

Take the time to truly think about what your space needs before purchasing anything and get on your way to a well planned and more affordable bathroom renovation.

Whatever you choose remember that your bathroom plumbing is often hidden within a vanity so if you choose to go with a more modern design to take your plumbing into account.

If you are choosing to install your own bathroom vanity, you will  first need to know measurements. The vanity should properly fit the space, not too big and not too small. The average height for a bathroom vanity is 33″ and 20″- 21″ wide. Now the important thing to remember when choosing the right height is; who is using the bathroom? Will children be the primary user? In this case you may need a lower vanity possibly at 30″. However if you have to stoop at 33″, it is perfectly fine to create a vanity as high as a kitchen counter which is generally 36″ high.

When installing a vanity higher than 33″ your choice of sink becomes an important issue for these sinks sit above the countertop thus making the total height of sink and vanity well above the standard. This could be a costly mistake!

Custom Bathroom Vanities

Modern Brown Bathroom Vanity

Modern Brown Bathroom Vanity

Although more expensive, a custom built vanity is obviously one of the best choices for a sexy bathroom. Custom designed bathroom vanities allow the home owner to create a vanity that will be a perfect fit for their space.

Pros– Fantastic design and storage potential. Custom vanities can create a very clean, sophisticated and unique space.

Cons– Custom built vanities will come at a price as they are specifically designed to your specifications. These vanities are most likely pre-built so be sure to make the correct measurements or they may not fit through the front door!!

Unique Bathroom Vanity Designs

Modern Asian Double Vanity

Modern Asian Double Vanity

A custom built vanity does not necessarily have to be built locally. Another option is to out-source foreign bathroom designers and order a unique piece through them directly! There are some incredible vanity options out there for the imaginative home owner.

Pros– These pieces are truly unique and will certainly turn the ordinary bathroom into the extraordinary.

Cons– This is a very expensive option as you are paying for a unique designer item and also shipping. Measurements are very important here as returning this item may be more expensive than the original purchase! Don’t forget to measure the doorways into your home! Make sure your entrances are wide enough to get these units into your space!

Pre-Fabricated Bathroom Vanities

Brown Vanity with StorageFor a quick and easy renovation solution these vanities are the perfect choice. Pre-fabricated vanities can be found in most home improvement stores along with pre-cut countertops awaiting a new sink!

Pros– Inexpensive and easy to install. Everything is ready to go with these vanities. There are some great pieces available in stores with granite countertops and sinks included!

Cons– Your choices are fairly limited and several units will end up being special orders as many are not kept in stock. Be sure to take very accurate measurements!!

Antique Vanities

Antique Vanity

Antique Vanity

For something truly special go antique hunting! Go shopping and look for any piece of furniture that you could use which is the right width and height for your space. Anything goes here, look for unique or antique desks, tables, hutches, dressers and shelves that might be suitable for your needs. You may be able to find a piece of furniture for a great price and with a little TLC can be turned into a terrific focal point for your bathroom. Old and tired wood can be sanded and refinished or even painted to essentially be reinvented! Simply cut out an area for your sink and add a countertop and you have an impressive bathroom vanity!

There is more work involved when purchasing an antique but the result will be far more rewarding than purchasing a common vanity unit.

Pros– Simply gorgeous! An unusual piece of furniture will make an incredible statement in your bathroom.

Cons– Creating a vanity out of a piece of furniture needs creativity, time and a bit more money but worth every bit of effort!

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Bathroom vanities offer great style and personality while contributing to the decor of your bathroom space and are a particularly useful storage solution as well. Do not be afraid to be creative and try being patient until the perfect piece comes your way!