Kitchen Layouts & Designs

Every modern  kitchen is designed through the use of a standard kitchen layout. These kitchen layouts have been around for decades and were at some point designed to fit particular spaces. Today most homes are designed similarly and these kitchen layouts continue to be used in today’s kitchen designs.

The Kitchen Triangle

Modern Black Triangle shaped kitchen

Triangle Shaped Kitchen Layout

Most kitchen designs will refer to the kitchen triangle; a design concept where the fridge, stove and sink are aligned in a triangle. This allows for your prep area to never be far from your wash area and cooking surfaces making all components of your kitchen easily accessible. Used properly it is possible to not take more than a step, or a few, at any point to change your location or use a different appliance in your workspace. Be aware to not space your appliances too close together. By doing so your appliance doors may not be able to open properly. This can also dramatically reduce your counter space. Try using kitchen design software to help properly plan a great layout.




U Shape Kitchen Layout

Black Granite U shaped Kitchen Layout

Black Granite U shaped Kitchen Layout

A U shaped kitchen design usually has one entrance and all counter space and appliances are built into a U shape. The kitchen triangle concept is definitely recommended as to create good flow between appliances. U shape kitchens are often designed with a view through wall or opening between rooms. This effect is great for small spaces such as condominiums or apartments as it will open up your kitchen to the rest of your home. If you are planning a U shaped kitchen design where an opening exists in a wall, be aware to not sacrifice cupboard space and electrical outlets when taking that wall out. If you are unsure whether this wall is a retaining wall refer to your buildings designs or better yet seek professional advice.




L Shaped Kitchen Layout

L Shaped Kitchen Layout

L Shaped Kitchen Layout

L Shaped kitchen designs are great for small spaces and open concept rooms.This design locates all appliances and counter space along two walls in the corner of the kitchen space at approximately a 90 degree angle. An L shaped kitchen design allows for a compact workspace while freeing up much needed space for a dining area or storage.







Kitchen Island Layouts

black granite countertop kitchen island

Kitchen Island Layout

Island Kitchen designs take the L shaped kitchen design to a new level. By adding an island to an existing L shaped layout, you can effectively create a kitchen triangle concept while not taking away from the open concept so popular with today’s modern kitchen planning. Island Kitchens are very trendy right now and are great for entertaining guests. You can use your island as a feature point to your room, as an eating/ bar area or as a cooking area. The Island kitchen design gives you great freedoms to express your own individuality in your home. A properly placed island in a u shaped kitchen can help in creating more counter space, a unique cooking area or innovative dining option. An island does not have to be a static piece either. There are many floating islands available today on wheels so that they can be anywhere you want them to be! Floating islands are a great option if more storage and space is needed.




Galley Kitchen

Modern Galley Kitchen Design

Modern Galley Kitchen Layout

The Galley design or corridor kitchen is common in many apartments and open concept layouts. A few things to consider is that space is limited so try and optimize or consolidate your counter space.

Be careful of your appliance location. You do not want to have your appliances when opened, block any exits or not be able to open fully because of cabinetry. Do try and use pull out wall cabinets to conserve space. Economize space with floor and wall cabinetry and try and plan for overhead microwaves or look for the new models that pull out like drawers.




Universal Kitchen Layout

Universal Kitchen Layout

Universal Kitchen Layout

Universal designed kitchens are the most functional out there but require quite the advanced planning. The premise of these kitchens is ease of use by taking all human qualities such as size, age, and health into perspective when designing a kitchen. A universal kitchen should allow for any user to easily work in the environment around them. Accessibility, location of appliances, Handles for the elderly or handicapped, easily opened doors, adequate lighting, error free planning and the ability to function under any circumstance are the paramount features to a universally designed kitchen. This is a great design choice if you live with a disability or entertain often and have multiple users, such as in a rental property or shared kitchen.