kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Kitchens are certainly the central station of the home, but where there is high traffic you can be sure to find clutter somewhere! Kitchens are notorious for clutter as they seem to collect unused appliances and utensils, dead batteries, rusted screws, old homework assignments and paperwork; whatever it is, it will be found in a kitchen! Its not your fault!!

Often kitchen clutter occurs for several reasons; These three reasons in particular are the worst clutter culprits.

Downsizing – With smaller spaces comes less storage and counter space.
Poor Kitchen Design – Proper storage was not a priority during the original kitchen design stage.
Bad Organization – Little thought as to how your kitchen storage should be organized.
Clutter is such a turn off so we have some helpful steps for you to follow in order to eliminate clutter and improve kitchen storage as there is nothing sexier than a clean and well organized kitchen!!

Kitchen Organization tips

1. kitchen Cabinet Clean Up

The first step in kitchen organization is to evaluate your kitchen cabinets. The key to organization is to free up space in your kitchen cabinets for items that you need and use everyday. Take everything out including dinnerware and appliances and separate items that are used and items that are not. Put the items that are used less often aside and focus on what needs to remain in the kitchen. This step will give you a clear idea of what kind of storage is actually needed in your kitchen. You may even find that storage really isn’t the problem at all!

2. Create Departments For Your kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Departments will help keep your cabinets organized. Keep all of your baking items such as flour, sugar, and starches together in one cabinet and keep canned goods in another, breakfast foods in another and so forth. This way everything has its place and items will be much easier to find and therefore easier to put away.

When returning dinnerware, glassware, food and condiments back into your kitchen cabinets think very carefully about where they would be best located.

  • Dinnerware should be close to the sink or dishwasher and easy to reach.
  • Glassware should also be in a similar position so that dishes are easily put away.
  • Pots and pans should be close to the stove as well as condiments and spices.
  • Food belongs in the remaining space where it will be most convenient for you.

3. Evaluate kitchen Cabinet Space

Once everything is returned to your cabinets evaluate the use of space in each cabinet. Is there wasted space? Is there not enough? What could make it better? Now you will have an actual idea of what kind of storage solutions are required for your kitchen cabinet space.

4. Kitchen Drawer Clean Up

Kitchen Cupboard Storage

Kitchen Drawer Storage

Clean out those kitchen drawers and find out what has been collected over the years. Again keep what you use and put aside what you do not. Think carefully about what items should be in each drawer when you return them and evaluate your drawer space. Discover any room for improvement.

Redesigning your kitchen cabinets is one way to fix storage and organizational problems however there are other options. Consider implementing kitchen organizational products! There are so many fantastic kitchen organizational tools designed to help improve your current kitchen storage situation and save you lots of money!!

Kitchen Organization Tools

Kitchen organization tools are the most inexpensive and easy way to solve clutter in your kitchen. Kitchen storage manufacturers have almost thought of everything in this department creating fabulous solutions to improve storage and reduce wasted cupboard and drawer space. You wont believe the difference they make until you try them. Here are a few of our favorite space saving ideas:

  • Cutlery Drawer Insets – This will always keep your cutlery neatly together and open up remaining space within your drawers.
  • Utensil Racks – Show off beautiful utensils and hang them on the wall next to your oven. Clean and convenient.
  • Lazy Susan’s – Make difficult cupboards so much easier to manage.
  • Under Sink Organizers – Much space is wasted here. These units provide better storage opportunity.

Don’t forget to utilize cabinet doors! Cabinet doors provide space for much needed kitchen organization tools. Here are a few essentials!

  • Food Wrap Racks – These will free up your kitchen drawers. Fantastic!!
  • Pot Lid Racks – This is a fabulous organization tool keeping all of your lids together making them easy to find.
  • Magnetic Spice Tins – Spices and herbs are stored neatly in tins with a magnetic bottom. Attach a magnet sheet to the inside of your cupboard door and save cupboard space. Velcro could work too!

**There are so many fantastic products available on the market today whose purpose is only to improve the organization of kitchens everywhere. Most of these products are incredibly inexpensive and you will be amazed at what an enormous difference they will make.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Now that you have removed items from your kitchen that are not regularly in use, what do you do with it all? If bad kitchen organization was not the problem than what is? Poor kitchen storage is surely the culprit and if kitchen redesign is not an option for you, then here are a few ideas to increase storage opportunities.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Purchasing a cabinet is an excellent way to introduce a new antique or interesting piece of furniture to your home while creating much needed space for your kitchen. Essentially this item would become a pantry. Dry goods and seldom used appliances such as waffle irons, and bread makers will store excellently here and remain hidden from the eyes of your guests and yourself!

Shelving units

A shelving unit can work just as well as a great cabinet however they work best if the unit is placed in a basement storage, garage or storage room. Shelving units can look really cluttered so they are best left unseen. If a shelving unit is all that can work for you and it must be seen, then invest in nice baskets or decorative boxes which will be functional enough to store items in and look fabulous on display.

Kitchen Islands

While some large kitchens may have islands built in, some may have the space but not the island. Of course building an island for your kitchen is ideal however today there are plenty of pre-made islands available everywhere. These are fantastic as many are on two wheels so these islands can be wherever you want them to be! They also store away nicely so as to not permanently take up all of your kitchen space. You will notice that these floating islands also contain storage compartments for you as well. Take all that you can!!

Closet Systems

You may have a closet that could be converted to a pantry or if you have a free wall in your kitchen that is not being used, consider installing a shallow closet pantry. This is a fantastic option to create space that does not take up a lot of room. In this case install a sliding mirror door which will not only disguise the closet but will also create the illusion of space in your kitchen!

Kitchen Pot Racks

The obvious space saver, these racks get bulky pots and pans out of your much needed cupboard space. These racks rarely work however in small kitchens where they can actually contribute to clutter. Use wisely.

thesexykitchen opinion

There is truly nothing sexier than a clean and well organized kitchen. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and get your kitchen into the shape it should be.