Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum flooring seems not to be the first flooring product that comes to mind when considering a kitchen remodel as it brings with it old memories of sterile hospitals and school hallways. So many new and exciting modifications have been made to more commonly used flooring materials that linoleum flooring is often overlooked. In fact this 100 year old flooring material still has what it takes and is making a huge come back!

The Cost of Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum flooring is a fairly expensive product. It compares with that of high-end vinyl and hardwood flooring and generally starts at $4.00 a square foot and can be much higher. Sheet linoleum flooring also requires professional flooring installation at an additional cost. However its resistance to wear and tear, and its life expectancy makes Linoleum flooring for the kitchen, a leader in cost effectiveness.


Color & Design opportunities with Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring usually brings to mind white, gray, and black however manufacturers are now making linoleum available in wonderfully vibrant colors so as to compete with the incredible styles that are now evident in vinyl. Creative arrangements and various tile hues make linoleum flooring a designers dream. Great designs and patterns can be achieved with linoleum where your floors can truly become a personalized work of art.

Linoleum flooring tiles are available in dozens of colors where sheet linoleum is offered in over 100 fantastic hues. Linoleum is a great way to personalize your own unique style in your kitchen.

Blooming – This term refers to a natural change in color that occurs in linoleum. Since linoleum is made from natural materials it will only become its true color when exposed to light. Therefore those areas which are not exposed to light will display a yellow tinge. Since these areas are underneath the stove and fridge it will not create a negative visual for your floor.

Wear – No need to worry about the color wearing on your linoleum floor. Another advantage of linoleum is that color goes all the way through to the backing so your color will never look tired!

The Durability of Linoleum Kitchen Flooring

Linoleum flooring is all about durability after all, it was not named the 40 year floor for nothing! Linoleum is an excellent solution for kitchen floors for several reasons:

  • Scratch Resistance – Linoleum does not show scratches and scuffs. Even if the material is cut by a sharp falling object linoleum can be easily buffed back to its original brilliance. It is possible for the material to actually heal itself!
  • Strength – Linoleum actually grows stronger with age giving this floor the advantage of lasting a very long time.
  • Fire Resistance – Linoleum is extremely difficult to ignite and since it is a natural product does not emit harmful fumes.
  • Water Resistance – When installed properly this product is impervious to water.
  • Maintenance – Sweeping and light mopping makes linoleum extremely easy to clean.

Construction & Installation of Linoleum Flooring

Be aware that the only disadvantage of linoleum could be the installation process. When installing this product it is imperative that no moisture be underneath the floor. Generally in most cases, linoleum should be installed by a professional especially when dealing with sheet linoleum.

There are a few choices to be made regarding installing Linoleum flooring:

  1. Linoleum Tiles – Can be done by the do it yourself er but again this is much trickier to deal with than other floor tile products. It is possible to tile over an existing floor, though it must be smooth and very secure to the sub floor. Linoleum tiles are available in fewer colors than sheet linoleum.
  2. Linoleum Sheets – Unless you are experienced with this installation process you may put yourself and your kitchen floor at risk without professional help. Linoleum rolls are very heavy and the creation of a perfect sub floor is a vital process in order for this product to become a 40 year floor.
  3. Floating Linoleum – Today linoleum is also available in the popular click floating floor style. This is a very successful product now in laminate and wood flooring as the installation process is much more simplified. This is a better option for those wanting to install their floor themselves. This particular product also has another advantage as it does not require any adhesive. These floors are backed with cork which also aids in noise control.

Linoleum Flooring, the Environment & Your Health

Another area in which linoleum excels as a material for your kitchen floor is in the health department. Linseed oil is a natural ingredient found in linoleum flooring. Its presence allows for linoleum to succeed as being a naturally anti microbial floor. As linseed oil oxidizes it prevents bacteria such as Salmonella Typhimurium, and Staphylococcus Aureus from breeding and multiplying. Other flooring receives chemical agents in order to achieve the same affect however these agents will wear off over time. No matter the age of linoleum or the finishing that it may receive, this product will always remains anti microbial It also repels dust, and dirt which is why this product is commonly used in hospitals and schools.

If designing your kitchen from a green perspective is important to you, linoleum is a winner. Made entirely from natural ingredients this flooring option is totally organic and is therefore 100% biodegradable!!

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Linoleum is the flooring gift that keeps on giving. Imagine an organic floor which fights bacteria naturally for life! Thank you to the manufacturers who make linoleum flooring and design no longer an oxymoron! This product can make your kitchen floor a work of art. Select your favorite colors and create a geometric or flowing pattern and watch your space transform! The possibilities are endless.

The Martini Factor

If you like a loud party, linoleum will not help! Unfortunately it is not one for being sound proof and therefore not so great at catching either. Yet whether those fab martinis are deliciously dark in color have no fear, linoleum perseveres! Only with a wipe!