New Stainless Steel Appliances

Purchasing New Kitchen Appliances

New Stainless Steel Appliances

New Stainless Steel Appliances

If you’re in the market for a renovation or kitchen remodel, then you’ve definitely considered upgrading your old kitchen appliances. You can spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on new equipment. Most people migrate immediately to Stainless Steel as the hottest item out there but these sexy appliances don’t always fit into everyone’s budget.

Some things to consider when choosing your new appliances are:

Matching your appliances to your color scheme. Most appliances are pretty universal in terms of colors. Stainless Steel works very well with natural wood cabinetry and pastels. White appliances tend to work with natural woods and with soft tones and especially when matched with white.
Black appliances work well with all color palettes but best with same dark colors and rich wood tones.

Finding the right size of appliance:

Ensure that you’re appliances don’t look oversized in your space. make sure that you consider doors opening, door direction and overall height when doing your research. If you’re space is lets say, smaller, then new products are out there to help. Consider under mounted or drawer Microwaves, cook tops built into kitchen islands and inlaid convection ovens into your walls or cabinetry.

Spending the right amount:

This usually directs all actions when upgrading your appliances. As all appliances, regardless of color, have the same fundamental operations, either cooking, cooling or cleaning. then bells and whistles are what you will ultimately pay for. Prices will start as low as $400 for a basic stove top with electrical elements and can go as high as $10000 for gas and convection stainless steel ranges with built in grills and multiple burner options. If you are budget conscious, then look for deals at large retailers where you can purchase complete sets. These sets are sometimes clearances on older, new models and of course discounted based on purchase power. Another great option is doing your research and buying your appliances online.

Environmental impact of Appliances:

With people and manufacturers being more environmentally conscious, it only makes sense to look for new appliances that have an Energy Star rating. These appliances reduce their power consumption saving both you the consumer on energy bills and the environment by using less resources to perform day to day functions. (These units are generally more expensive at the beginning but over a longer period will actually save money on energy bills long term)

Gas or Electric:

The great debate looms over which surface is better. With Gas you get direct, instant heat. This is practical if you know how to use it. Downsides to gas are, pilot lights, controlling temperature and a greater attention to your cooking task at hand. If you are a proficient cook and want the results that the professionals attain, then gas is for you. Gas tends to be cheaper as well but of course requires a suitable connection, possibly increasing your overall cost in a renovation.

Electrical takes some time to heat up and may not always heat evenly but is safer and less worrisome than gas. With electric appliances your cooking is worry free, no pilot lights, no ovens relighting while you open the door and of course, easier cleaning. you can choose element heating grills or flat glass element heaters. Most homes have the electrical already in place to easily install your own cook tops or ranges.

If you stay within budget, find what’s right for your design, match your colors appropriately and of course help your environment, then no matter what appliance you choose, you’ll have made the right decision. Please enjoy our collection of articles on kitchen appliances and hopefully they can help YOU make the best decision possible.

Happy Shopping!!