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Hardwood Kitchen Flooring


Hardwood flooring needs no introduction to any one looking for a classic and traditional looking kitchen flooring option. Hardwood kitchen flooring adds timeless warmth, beauty, and style to any space, and with today’s premium finishes, hardwood easily takes its reign as the king of flooring in the kitchen as well. We will discuss the pros […]

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Cork Kitchen Flooring

cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork kitchen flooring is another fabulous material choice for your next renovation project that your kitchen will be sure to love. Not only does Cork flooring provide versatility of color and design, it also provides an excellent ecological choice as it can be a very environmentally friendly flooring option for your home Color & Design […]

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Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

Butcher Block Kitchen Countertop Island with Black Cabinets

  Butcher block countertops are a great way to add a traditional wood feel to any kitchen. Usually available in Hard Maple, Oak, Cherry, Birch & Teak (the latter two being better suited for decorative purposes as the softness of the wood reduces its durability). Butcher block countertops are an extremely versatile and durable product. […]

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