About TheSexyKitchen.com

Before Houzz Kitchens, there was the sexy kitchen!

  Thesexykitchen in 2008That’s right, the story of this website began in 2006 before the popular Houzz platform came onto the scene.  Back then, the internet was a new world with different rules and limited resources. My partner and I had just purchased our first condo, I had completed a certificate in web publishing and we needed to update our kitchen and this combination created the sexy kitchen.

Our Love for the hospitality industry

My now husband and I have worked our whole lives in the hospitality industry, mostly in a resort town.  Our experience in hospitality and the food and beverage business graced us to work with incredible chefs, enjoy amazing wines, taste spectacular cuisine, and clearly fall in love with all things kitchen. Life as a parent is exhausting and it is easy to slip into a boring routine in the kitchen.  Bringing this site back is inspiring me to keep up with my love for cooking, try new recipes good or bad or recreate my own and share them with likeminded readers.

Home Chef & Self-Proclaimed Designer

Our involvement in hospitality ignited my passion for cooking and entertaining and propelled me into becoming a “home chef”.   My passion for the kitchen also extends into design.  In my next life, or maybe later in this one, I want to interior design. My love for interior design began when Sarah Richardson’s first show came out called “Room Service” She was my first love and today I am inspired by Leanne Ford, Shea McGee and Joanna Gaines Some people use their creativity in artistic expression, but my creativity exists in materials, furniture, lighting and paint:)  Thesexykitchen allows me to tap into this passion while it is not my career, learn more about the design industry, keep up with trends and push myself to be more creative in my own home.

Why create a website on kitchen renovation?

Houzz-kitchensAs we were first time homeowners, we had little money left and our kitchen needed improvement.  So we set out to figure out how to do a kitchen renovation on a tiny budget.  Obviously that meant doing it ourselves to save every penny.  Being hospitality people, DIY is our style, we aren’t particularly skilled in construction so we needed to do our research. Back in 2006, there was limited information available online!  Facebook didn’t exist yet!  So we began collecting books, magazines, articles and kitchen material pamphlets everywhere we could to see what products were out there, the pros and cons of using them, and how much they cost. Having collected this information to make our own kitchen renovation decisions, we thought; “why not put this on line?”  So we created thesexykitchen.com 15 years ago and sometime after, Houzz hit the scene also showcasing stunning design and highlighting “Houzz Kitchens.”  It’s pretty cool knowing we were there first;)

Where have we been?

When google launched its infamous algorithms in 2012, our traffic was hit hard like all the other thousands of websites around the world at the time.  I was pregnant with our second child and life sped off in a million directions. The silver lining for us through Covid-19 was the opportunity to slow down, reflect and choose what we want to invite back into your life.  Our resort was hit hard with the Pandemic and work basically stopped.  I was given the gift of time to revamp our site, bring it back to life, fix our content and reimagine our vision.

The Sexy Kitchen Future

Our future journey is to explore all things kitchen, learn new recipes, find better kitchen products and great gifts, and keep up with the incredible design innovations made every year for kitchen interiors. Food is sexy, wine is sexy and great design is sexy too.  We have some catching up to do, but we are excited to be back, reconnect in the conversation and see what comes next.  

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