Quartz kitchen Countertops

Engineered Stone or Quartz Countertops?

Once referred to as engineered stone, we now refer to these kitchen countertops as quartz counters as they are almost entirely made from the mineral quartz.  Quartz has become one of the top choices in kitchen design for the last decade mainly because of its strength but also because of its design appeal. Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

While granite and marble are stunning and can act as a work of art in some homes, the pattern and veining of those materials do not appeal to all homeowners.  Interior designers love the durability and beauty of quartz for their clients and some clients prefer quartz for the cleaner more organized look it can offer their style.

How much quartz countertops cost?

Engineered stone countertops are comparable in price to granite or natural stone countertops. Starting at a minimum US$85+ a sq ft installed, a kitchen renovator or designer can easily achieve the desired effect of natural stone countertops for a few dollars less!

Quartz Countertops – Color & Design

Engineered Stone surfaces are mixed with resins and color pigment to create any multitude of color. As there is no veining or cracks in an engineered stone countertop, it is extremely uniform.  One of engineered stone’s greatest assets is the consistency throughout its pattern making it an ideal choice for large kitchen countertop surfaces or large areas in general.   The only negative with an engineered stone surface is that inconsistencies can easily be detected than with a natural stone counter.

Are Quartz Countertops Durable?

Quartz is literally the best durable product on the market.  If you are worried about making a huge investment in your countertop and making sure it lasts, than you should be choosing quartz.

Quartz countertops are manufactured using a stone aggregate made up of at least 93% of quartz, a natural and incredibly strong mineral.  Manufacturers combine the stone aggregate with resin and color pigment and can replicate an very natural looking stone countertop. These stone countertops are crazy hard, three times stronger than granite, making for an extremely durable countertop surface perfect for kitchens.

Installing Quartz Countertops

Quartz stone surfaces and engineered stone countertops are pre-fabricated  and need to be pre-cut before installation.  This is no DIY job!  You will need to hire a kitchen counter contractor and have them come in and professionally measure and build your countertop for you.

Check out some of these manufacturers which are leading producers of engineered, quartz stone today. www.Caesarstone.com www.silestone.com & www.zodiaq.com

Are quartz countertops safe to use in the kitchen?

Absolutely.  Quartz is the strongest product out there, so if you are looking for a strong, hygienic surface for your kitchen this is your best option. According to caesarstone.com “Our countertops have everything a good surface needs; they are nonporous, non-toxic, require no sealants or wax to retain the Caesarstone Hygiene Standard, do not host bacteria, mold, or mildew – remaining safe and hygienic for ultimate cleanliness.”  What could be better than that;)

Are quartz countertops a sustainable product?

Engineered stone countertops are not really green products due to its mix of color pigment and resin but that can be debated.  Most manufacturers recognize the demand on the environment and are making efforts to be as sustainable as possible in their production by following certain environmental standards and practices.

Quartz being the second most common mineral on the planet makes for easy mining. There are now manufacturers who are using low VOC emission resins so the opportunity to find a durable surface similar to Engineered Stone that uses recycled content and is environmentally friendly is now readily available. Engineered stone surfaces are very food safe and hygienic, another fantastic surface for kitchens.


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