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Is Marble the right choice for your kitchen?

Marble kitchen countertops are cast from a metamorphic rock resulting from metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks of either limestone or dolostone.  Marble is quarried from various regions around the world, synonymous with ancient times and the great halls, statues and tombs of the Greeks and Romans. Marble is a porous stone, naturally absorbing moisture. It can be shaped, sculpted and polished.

Marble is quarried deep from the earth, then cut with a diamond saw.  No two sections are ever alike.  The beauty of marble is unmatched.

How much do marble countertops cost?

Marble countertops or any other natural stone product are pricey.  Depending on the quality and grade, you can expect to pay anywhere from $175-$300 per sq ft installed.

 Durability of Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble is very porous and requires discipline in ensuring its quality. Regular treatment with a stone sealer is necessary as marble can stain and scratch very easily. It is best used in kitchens owned by responsible and careful individuals!! Marble countertops are also well suited for kitchens where a cold smooth surface is required. Pastry chefs and bakeries rely heavily on marble countertops for rolling pastry and baking.

Construction & Installation tips for marble countertops

We recommend installation by professionals only as marble can be damaged or broken if installed poorly. Visit a sanctioned installer to get the best results. Most marble suppliers will have installers available for you and inquire about their portfolio. Ensure that they do quality work.

Marble Countertop Colors & Designs

Marble slabs appearance are never the same from piece to piece. It can be difficult to find any matching slabs for extensive use. Marble is not a product for those who want uniformity. The uniqueness, luster, texture and smoothness of Marble are what make it such a desirable countertop product.

Be sure to go and find the pieces that work best for you and your needs. Never buy any Marble slabs or products sight unseen.

Environmental & Health Impact of Marble Countertops

Marble is not a particularly green product as it needs to be mined from the earth and is seldom recycled. Energy costs due to transport also make this product an environmental concern. If you are going to use Marble in your home, be sure to get it from a supplier within 500 miles to reduce its energy impact.

thesexykitchen opinion

Who are we kidding, the cool touch of Marble countertops can do wonders for anyone looking to send chills up the spine of your guests… but you had better have deep pockets because repairs are costly and inevitable.

The Martini factor

Not a great choice. Although Marble is softer than other natural stones it will still wreak havoc on your glassware and any spills need to be cleaned immediately to prevent permanent staining. Make sure you are sealing your Marble countertop regularly to alleviate any annoying stain you won’t be able to remove!

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