Porcelain Tile Kitchen Flooring

Using Porcelain Tile flooring in the kitchen

Porcelain tile kitchen floors are classically beautiful, smooth, refined, and distinguishably resilient. Porcelain tiles add a certain elegance to all spaces in which it graces, making it another exceptional material for any kitchen floor. Photo by Albert Vincent Wu on Unsplash

How much do tile floors cost?

Generally porcelain tile does cost much more than your average ceramic tile. Porcelain is made from finely ground sand and clay. Like ceramic, porcelain tiles are available glazed and un-glazed and come in a vast array of color, style and texture however they are typically more durable and refined than ceramic tiles which is therefore reflected in the price. Expect to pay anywhere from US $5 and up for lower end porcelain tiles and as high as US $40 a tile depending on style and design

Porcelain tile flooring Colors & Design

From a design perspective you can achieve almost anything with porcelain tiles. Today, porcelain tiles are being made to replicate the look of such materials as granite, slate, marble and stone, not to mention even polished metals and wood finishes!!! Depending on what you are willing to spend, expect a fantastic look in you kitchen with porcelain tiles.The only stress factor in this category is that of choice!

If color wear and tear is a concern, do beware. Inexpensive porcelain is not impervious from wear of color since pigments do not always run entirely through the tile. Good quality porcelain stands apart from the rest.

Durability & Strength of porcelain tile flooring

When manufacturers make a new porcelain tile, temperature and strength become synonymous. The higher the temperature in which a porcelain tile is fired the stronger it will become. Although both ceramic tile and porcelain tile are created in kilns at extreme heat, porcelain tiles are fired at a higher temperature resulting in a stronger product.

Scratch resistance – Extremely resistant to scratching and deeper abrasions. Glazed porcelain is also very stain resistant.

Strength – Porcelain tile is stronger than most stone products on the market and is unaffected by UV rays. It will not create static electricity and will stand up to almost any chemical agent.

Fire resistance– Porcelain tile will not burn and does not produce toxic fumes.

Water resistance- Porcelain tile is far more resistant to water than ceramic tile. The absorption rate for porcelain tiles is 0.5% and even less.

Maintenance -Glazed porcelain tile maintenance is as simple as a quick sweep and a mop when necessary, however if your choice of tile is natural or polished porcelain, be sure that your floor is properly sealed otherwise cleaning could get more difficult!

Construction & Installing Porcelain tile flooring

Since porcelain tiles are a stronger tile than ceramic, they can also be more difficult to cut resulting in more breakage. Be sure to get all necessary information from your tile supplier on the appropriate grout for your project and investigate the proper space layout of your particular tiles. There are a few varieties of porcelain tiles available:

Natural Porcelain Tile – Porcelain tiles that have not been polished or glazed which are very porous.

Polished Porcelain Tile – Although these polished tiles have a finish, they are not glazed and therefore need to be sealed.

Glazed Porcelain Tile – Like glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain tile may be the best option for kitchens for strength, stain resistance, and water absorption. Many of these tiles have remarkably smooth surfaces which can be very problematic as a kitchen floor. Be sure to select tiles which are also slip resistant.

Environmental & Health Impact of Porcelain tile flooring in kitchens

Porcelain tiles rank well in this category. Although they do not display the same anti microbial qualities of a linoleum floor, they are very easy to clean, and since they are non-conductive, they do not attract dust and dirt.

From a green perspective, porcelain tile is another great choice for your kitchen floor as they are made entirely from natural materials and therefore do not cause any harm to landfills.

thesexykitchen opinion

Sure to ignite a flame in many hearts, porcelains tiles’ elegance is undoubtedly attractive. So many hues and textures to choose from, a porcelain tile floor will certainly be the star of your kitchen show.

The Martini Factor

OUCH! Unless you want to get rid of your old glassware, keep a close eye on your guests’ consumption with a porcelain tile floor! Porcelain tile and anything breakable are great enemies, expect endless battles. Consider using plastic!!

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