Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

Why stainless steel is a perfect match for the kitchen

Stainless steel is another countertop material suitable for busy, working kitchens.  Made from steel alloy, chromium and nickel, it is a stain and dent resistant, non-porous, heat resistant material. A truly perfect choice the kitchen.  Above photo provided by Ridalco

How much do stainless steel countertops Cost?

Stainless Steel countertops can range in price from $75 – $150 sq ft. The total cost for stainless steel is dependent on your choice of thickness, design and quality of installer.

Stainless Steel Countertops & Design

You can purchase stainless steel in sheets of metal or as pre constructed pieces such as basins, tables or drawer compartments.

Because it can come pre-assembled, you can use stainless in a variety of places mixed with other kitchen counter surfaces.

Stainless steel can seem a little cold and industrial but when combined with softer color palettes and warm woods, it can actually add great beauty to your space.

Stainless steel is available in two finishes, random grain and a brushed finish.

  • Random Grain – Where there is no particular pattern to the metal so it hides finger prints and other wear easily.
  • Brushed Finish – Where the manufacturer polishes the steel themselves resulting in a shiny, smooth appearance. Fingerprints do show and it does require more cleaning.

The Durability of Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops

Stainless Steel countertops are extremely durable and are resistant to all spills, stains, moisture, heat and rust. It should be mounted onto plywood to help alleviate denting. General cleaning with stainless steel cleaner will keep your countertops shiny and new for years to come. Be aware that stainless does scratch and will dull your kitchen knives.

Construction & Installation of Stainless Steel Counter tops

Make sure to have your Stainless steel countertops installed professionally. These countertops are much more difficult to install. You can mix and match pre-built items, so plan your project accordingly to get the desired effect.

Stainless Steel countertops, the Environment & Your Health

Stainless Steel countertops can be recycled into new products and materials and is salvageable. Its environmental impact comes from mining and chromium can be a mild pollutant and slightly toxic.

Stainless steel is a wonderfully hygienic product to have in the kitchen. Since stainless steel countertops can virtually be entirely seamless they make cleaning a dream!

thesexykitchen opinion

The commercial look of stainless steel is not for everyone. Its durability and ability to bring great beauty to your kitchen space make it a very sexy choice. Keep in mind that it can scratch and needs to be kept polished to keep it looking super sexy.

The Martini factor

Great on spills, easy to prepare meals on, hygienic and no hassle cleanup make stainless steel countertops a great option for those who love to entertain.

Copper and Zinc Kitchen Countertops

Zinc Kitchen Countertops
Zinc Kitchen Countertops

Copper and Zinc are two great metals being used today as kitchen countertops that will provide your kitchen space with a classically fantastic look. Copper is a warm, soft metal that has been in use for over 10000 years. Anyone who is familiar with older homes, cookware and traditional kitchens understands well the great characteristics this metal can bring to any space.

Zinc is a classic metal that was used in the early days of the 20th century as wash basins, cooking surfaces and of course kitchen countertops. If you are unfamiliar with Zinc, think lab tables from your high school chemistry classes.

How much do metallic kitchen countertops cost?

Copper and Zinc countertops can range in price from $100 – $175 a sq foot! This price variance is dependant on your choice of thickness, design and installation process.

Color & Design opportunities with copper & zinc Kitchen countertops

Copper countertops are well known for their warm brown and orange hue. Over time and with the use of a butchers wax or beeswax, they will develop a very rich golden brown.

Zinc countertops start out shiny and over time will develop pewter like finish. Age only adds to their luster and if left untreated, Zinc will develop a rich Patina with slight hues of green offering a great country look.

Both of these products can be designed into a chosen shape and incorporated into inlaid sinks shaped with trivets and even drain boards.

The Durability of Copper/Zinc Kitchen Countertops

Copper can last a long time but is a soft metal and is vulnerable to dents and scratches quite easily. This can add to its character or detract from it. It is resistant to minor staining and is an incredible naturally anti microbial material! Untreated copper has an anti microbial surface 30 times greater than that of stainless steel!

Zinc will scratch easily and over time its patina will change but its strength lies in its ability as a heat conductor. It is commonly used in wood burning ovens, pizza ovens and laboratories.

Construction & Installation of copper, zinc & metallic countertops

Make sure to have your Copper or Zinc countertops installed professionally. Both metals are relatively soft so using labor properly trained to work with these materials will save you money and your counters undue wear and tear.

Metallic countertops, the Environment & Your Health

Try and find salvaged Zinc or Copper to use as your countertops if you are concerned with their environmental impact. Metals are rising in price so recycled materials could be the solution for many people interested in these two metals. Remember that many older homes have copper & zinc in their kitchens, so keep an eye out for demolitions in your neighborhood.

thesexykitchen opinion

The warm natural patina of both Copper and Zinc make them an elegant choice for your kitchen countertops. Their durability, longevity and elegance can make your home instantly classy and sexy. Beware of how they scratch and keep them treated to prolong their life spans. You will love these classic metals and so will the person you share them with.

The Martini factor

Great on spills, easy to prepare meals on, hygienic and no hassle cleanup make Copper and Zinc countertops a great option for those who love to entertain.

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